The supreme experience

As sailors and crew on Vindile, a Wasa 55 Special, we have had many fantastic experiences in regattas and sailing in the Swedish archipelagos. But best of all is probably the feeling of grasping the tiller and feeling a thoroughbred's balance and power.


Vindile has for many years been a legend on the racing tracks. An old spear with great success, which sailed past the sponsor boats and which still has the potential to make future wins.


Vindile has also over the years delivered strong memories and experiences as a family cruiser. She can be sailed solo or by two without any problems. Self-tacking jib, furling genoa and autopilot create simplicity and security.

Some facts


Length 13.50 m

Width     2.55 m

Draft        2.01 m

Mast height approx 18 m

Weight 5.8 tons of which lead beer 2.7 tons

Yanmar 33 hp, S-drive, folding prop

Built year 1976

SRS 1.056 och SRSs 1.054