Our Story

Vindile is a Wasa 55 Special, designed by the duo Becker / Ängermark and built in Gothenburg in 1976. From then until 2002 she had her home port at Alnön outside Sundsvall in the Baltic after which Bullandö outside Stockholm has become our starting point. Vindile is a member of Runmarö Yacht Club and the archipelago is our home.

The hull is a standard Wasa 55 hull but the transom was made more negative to give the boat a racing look. Instead of a conventional superstructure, a flushed deck solution was chosen to maximize sailing functionality. The rig and sail dimensions are the same as the standard 55's except that the bow was moved 15 cm further forward on deck and that the big boom was extended by 50 cm.

The hope of the first owner was to repeat the success of the first Wasa 55 'Ragnarök' on the competition tracks, but the power was not really enough and the project came to an end. Eventually Vindile led a quiet cruising life in Lake Mälaren for a few seasons.

In 1994 we were some sailors living on the island of Alnön outside Sundsvall. We all had sailing as a passion and wanted to develop our skills both as archipelago and ocean racing sailors. After looking around a bit, the choice became a classic, the Wasa 55 'Vindile'. The challenge of getting a narrow classic yacht, which in our eyes is also incredibly beautiful, to compete with the newest boats has since been awesome and incredibly stimulating.

Vindile sails fantastically and properly tuned she is very fast. The fastest speed during racing has been around 15 knots on average with surfing up to 20 knots (Gotland Runt 2002 between Visby and Alma).

Equipment List 

SRS 1.056

Vindile has Swedish measurement certificates with SRS 1,056 and singlehanded 1,054. 

Keel, rudder and underwater body

The underwater body has a racing finish with VC17. 

The keel is made of lead and all bolts fit properly. Shipyard inspection carried out at Wasavarvet 2010. 

The rudder was replaced by a balance rudder in the late 1990s.