Gotland Runt Offshore Race 2011

Finish at 04.30 in Sandhamn. Tired, worn out but who cares when we come in as winners

Gotland Runt 6-9th July 2011

1st in the class, first boat of all to pass Visby and in total second in all categories over the finish line.

After a good start, we passed most of the class boats towards Alma. At Fårö we had increased the lead. We continued with a great flow along the east side of Gotland and managed to catch the sea breeze near land before Hoburgen. Vindile rounded as the first boat in all categories. Really cool.

The wind dropped for a short time and we stopped near 'Karlsöarna', but we were still the first boat in total at Visby mark.

After 6 hours of nerve-wracking windless conditions outside Fårö, we met the Easterly wind.

First we hoisted the Genoa 1, A twist of the wind allowed the spinnaker to be hoisted. Then we sailed all the way to Alma and finished with full speed, incredibly nice.

The finish was special, in the fog we were caught by a huge spotlight. A tender boat greeted us and sent a surveyor on board for inspection. Everything was ok and we were able to complete in a fantastic shared sense of happiness. We had fought for every metre, managed to maintain the position and also increase the distance.

Over 7 hours margin of victory! 2nd boat over the finish line, only the 70 footer 'Ran' ahead.

Vindile's racing soul



Vindile is no ordinary Wasa 55. She is flush-decked and we have modified the rudder, keel, mast etc. for optimal functionality and speed. She has a racing soul.



Vindile can be compared to a long torpedo with a waterline that differs markedly from the new racing machines. At mainly free winds she sails past most yachts.



Without a burning interest and a young, committed and victorious crew, Vindile would not have reached all the fine results. We have shown that an older boat can place itself in the forefront without professionals.

Racing album